Our costs

Manuscript development

It is only when our editors have reviewed the complete manuscript that we will be able to decide whether the authors and agencies will be asked to cover the full costs of publishing their works. For individuals, payment plans are available.

Printed copies of publications

Because of our commitment to sustainability, Karabena Publishing produces publications in online formats. We can support people and organisations to produce printed copies and will consider these additional costs on a case-by-case basis.

Writing Retreats

Karabena Publishing runs 2-day Writing Retreats, which feature one-on-one sessions with editors, ‘shut-up-and-write’ sessions, meeting published Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors, screen and script writers, and working with curriculum developers and marketers. Held in retreat-like surrounds, costs include all catering, accommodation, presenter fees, facilitator costs, editorial advice and coaching support. Bookings are essential, with individual and group bookings welcome. Discounts are available. For details of our Writing Retreats, please click here.